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Bareboat Chartering Information

The Blue Goose Yacht Charter Service specializes in diesel trawler bareboat charters on the Chesapeake Bay. Bareboat charters represent the core of our operation. However, we also have available:

The year 2012 marks our 27th successful season on the Bay. Also of note, we have been voted as a "Best of the Bay" by Chesapeake Bay Magazine. Further, we are the only multi-vessel charter service on the Bay to have consistently and successfully specialized in chartering trawlers, or, as we like to call them, our "little ships." For all of our vessels, there are discounts for repeat clients. Further, the longer the charter is, then the lower the per diem rate. Please keep in mind that most  of our vessels come equipped with a generator and all of our units have air conditioning. Our five  trawlers are owned by us. All of the other multi-vessel charter companies on the Bay, to the best of our knowledge, manage other people's boats. We know a lot about our trawlers, including how to operate and maintain them.

Chartering vs Buying

Many people ask themselves about the advantages of chartering over buying. We think there are many. It is said that the two happiest days in boaters' lives are the day they purchase their boat and the day that they sell it. It is also said that, once the new boat owner gets past the "honeymoon" phase of ownership, the average boat is only used 15 days a year during a boating season like the one that exists in the Chesapeake Bay region and the rest of the Northern United States. Granted there are always exceptions to the two previous statements. Without getting into all of the details here, one must remember that the acquisition costs associated with boat ownership are only one collective entry in the "spread sheet". One must also plug at least some of the following: cost of money (whether it be loan interest or potential investment return on the cash used for the purchase), depreciation, insurance, home-port dock fees, preventive maintenance, repairs, winterization, dry storage, normal upkeep, including washing, waxing, and bright work, and periodic repacements and upgrades, especially electronic. There are certain intangibles as well, especially with regard to the time required to manage your floating asset and to work on her yourself, as well as the time needed to get to and from your home to the vessel's berth (a backyard slip would be great!). Another example of an intangible would be flexibility, or lack thereof. Suppose you want to cruise in the Northwest. Your boat is in the Chesapeake. Guess what? You charter. There are certain other considerations as well, that is when you charter with a reliable company. You will be immediately linking yourself to a fully experienced support mechanism for the duration of your cruise, - familiarization, training, float planning, trouble-shooting, problem solving (It's a boat!), etc. Further, when the charter is over, you get to walk away, leaving the vessel to the charter company's cleaning pixies, engine room elves, and the various other boat fairies required to keep the boat in good operating condition. Very often, these underpinnings are transparent to the client who has just experienced a successful charter aboard one of our trawlers. We realize there are other considerations, both pro and con, and we merely provide the foregoing as food for thought. 

Tailored Service

We at Blue Goose pride ourselves on providing outstanding service with proven reliability, an excellent safety record, and responsive scheduling, specifically tailored to fit your needs. If you do decide to charter with us, you will find that we try harder than any other charter service on the Bay. In fact, we doubt that you will find any service comparable to us with regard to cost versus quality, reliability, responsiveness and attention to detail. We have slowly and steadily built up an extended family of repeat clients over the years. We welcome and encourage you to join this highly satisfied group! We are certain that you will be happy with our proven operation, and hope to hear from you soon. Once we initiate the actual booking process, we assure you that you will receive individual, personalized service. So please contact us again at your earliest convenience. Thank you!


Our small fleet consists solely of carefully maintained, economical, diesel powered vessels, operating at full displacement speeds. They range upwards in size from 27 feet, and normally cruise between 6 and 7 knots. We do NOT operate sailboats. If you find other vessels similar to ours in size but at less cost, and we sincerely doubt that you will, please closely examine the amenities, including power plant, generator, and air conditioning, when comparing prices. The fuel savings, reliability, and safety afforded by our diesels should not be overlooked either, nor should our truly excellent preventive maintenance program. (Fuel should run less than $9.00 per hour of underway operation for our larger single-screw trawlers.) Also, please don't forget that, although we are small, we care! You will never get lost in the shuffle. Our boats are older, but you can be assured that they will be clean, safe and highly reliable. Especially with trawlers, newer and younger does not always mean better, as most of you know from other applications in life. They come fully equipped - complete with linens, towels, and utensils. We even allow early boarding the night before the charter, and the option of remaining on board in home port on the final night, at no additional charge. 

If you are new to trawlering, planning a transition from sail or a smaller runabout, or are looking for a very economical diesel charter, then Bitsy Goose might be your best choice.
Bitsy Goose
If you want a very comfortable trawler, with simplicity of operation and a little more room, but have no need for a generator or air, then take a look at the Blarney Goose.
Blarney Goose
If you are searching for a more modern looking trawler, with a hard covered sundeck, bimini over the bridge, and  twin screws, then Bonnie Goose is the one for you.
Bonnie Goose
The newest edition to the fleet. She is our 27 foot Baby Trawler, and is, by far, our most economical charter boat offering
Brandi Goose
If you want to explore the many beautiful rivers and interesting gunk holes on the Bay, with confidence, safety, and comfort, then Bristol Goose might be the trawler for you.
Bristol Goose

Profile - Preserving a Way of Life

Our operation should be viewed as one that gets down to the basics. Our vessels are older, classic boats, none of which are still made. Our capital investment is totally under control since all of our trawlers are paid for. This results in much lower prices for the client. We spend our operating funds on maintenance and upkeep, and not on bank payments and commissions. If you are looking for a glitzy, highly starched, spiffy operation, filled with fast-talking salespeople and high powered marketing, you will have to look elsewhere. We believe that the act of boating and the journey associated with this endeavor, represent the essence of real boating. To us, successful docking without a bow thruster represents the pinnacle of trawlering. We are endeavoring to maintain an older lifestyle, both for ourselves and our clients, that concentrates on the essentials of boating, - getting out on the water and enjoying the interaction with nature, picturesque ports-of-call, and the world-renowned Chesapeake Bay life-style. If a gleaming, brand-new boat, loaded with complicated electronics and fancy  gizmos is what you are seeking, we are not it. If you want a computer between you and every essential function on your boat, including the engine, the transmission, the helm, and the navigation system, our fleet is not the answer. If you enjoy the old-fashioned art of manual steering using the mark-one eyeball, compass, depth finder, and paper charts, aboard a well-found, comfortable, classic trawler, in one of the best cruising areas on the planet, please charter with us. (OK, we will let you use one of our GPSs, if you must.) We believe that keeping things simple, and forcing one's self to slow down from our society's hectic pace, should remain two of the more important objectives of a trawler vacation. We do not subscribe to the growing trend in the boating market. It is one  that places an over-emphasis on the super-material comforts and automatic capabilities associated with a $500,000.00 plus boat, in an effort to create "instant mariners" by simply throwing large amounts of  money at the gratification process. Step back. Slow down. Learn the basics. Keep it simple. Experience the joy associated with a successful docking, or a safe arrival using traditional navigating, piloting, and helmsman techniques. If you can view the boat as a means to an end and not an end unto itself,  give us a call. If you can appreciate that the journey on the water is as much a part of your cruise as your arrival at a destination, please think about chartering with us. We can help you.  Please consider the following. It has been extracted from "The Doctor",  found in the "Sea Stories" portion of the "Nautical Info" section of this site. 

Blue Mermaid.jpg (44226 bytes)

We believe that trawlering is a serious undertaking.
The pleasure associated with this activity comes through preparation,
knowledge, and, most importantly, the application thereof. The
ability to convert information into proper action is the key to
this endeavor and the enjoyment associated therewith.
The following quote is very pertinent.

"It was one thing to think, and plan, and direct,
to say, 'Do this!' or 'Go There!'
And it was quite another to have success
dependent upon the cunning of his own fingers
and the straightness of his own eye".

Now a full-blown navy captain, but faced with
performing critical manual tasks himself, aboard a small,
undermanned sailing rig, during an escape from the enemy.



The Blue Goose operation is based out of Baltimore Harbor in the historic Canton section. Please refer to the "Directions" on the left of this page under the "Index". But please make an appointment before you come to see us. We will be most happy to provide additional directions, as necessary, if you plan on driving to our location. Guaranteed off-street parking is available for our current charter clients but not always for other visitors. Those clients who choose to arrive by air at Baltimore Washington International Airport will be met and transported to our Baltimore Harbor location at no charge. Clients are then returned to the airport at the conclusion of the charter- again, at no charge.


Our Chesapeake fleet normally operates from mid-May through mid-October, depending upon the weather. There is not normally an off-season rate for our vessels because everyone seems to have a different idea as to the best time to cruise. Some discounts may be available, however, depending upon the specific vessel and her existing schedule, and if you are a repeat client, especially for the same boat..


At Blue Goose, we specialize in bareboat trawler charters and trawler related operational training and transition. Our bareboat vessels are operated either by an experienced or properly trained client, or by a qualified helmsman directly hired by the client. We believe that a bareboat charter captained by a client requires either an extensive amount of experience on the part of the client, or specifically tailored training provided by us. Your ability to handle the vessel of your choice should be predetermined by you. A comprehensive underway checkout, including docking, is part of our pre-charter process for first-time clients. Over 25 years of hands-on experience has shown that this process should take about three and one half hours. The checkout is normally offered at no charge to experienced clients.


If and when necessary, we can provide specific, individualized, training for an additional fee at our Baltimore location. This special training package would be separate from and more intensive than that normally associated with a standard checkout. Rates will vary, depending upon the type of training required and the vessel selected. Typically, our tailored training packages last between one and two days. Sometimes the training extends into the third or fourth day to cover any loose ends. Normally, this special training is then combined with a follow-on bareboat charter cruise, assuming the clients acquire and demonstrate the requisite skill and knowledge. Usually, there is a four-day minimum for the combined training and follow-on bareboat cruise. The primary objective of our training effort is to enable a client to successfully and independently operate one of our diesel trawlers in a safe and confident manner. The secondary objective is to enable a client to establish a sufficient information base upon which to enhance and refine his or her trawler related knowledge and skills, after the training is completed. The third objective is to establish a mutually beneficial and supportive relationship between the client and Blue Goose when it comes to trawlers. Of additional interest, Blue Goose specializes in training women, either as helmsmen or crew, depending on their preference. Safety and confidence building are our top priorities. There are no formal classroom sessions. Normally, all of the training is conducted on the boat, on the pier, or on the water, sometime during the period mid-May through mid-October. The content of the instruction is tailored to the individual needs of the client. For more information, please visit Trawler School.


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